A little history of Hungarian cottage cheese – Egy kis történelem a magyar túróról

I’ll post recipes in which I’ll use it in. Learn about the Hungarian cheese, which we Hungarians like to eat both savory and sweet. On 25.07.2019, the European Commission entered “Rögös túró” (which actually translates to “Clod cottage cheese”) in the register of Traditional specialties guaranteed, thus protecting it. The product, which belongs to the…Continue reading »

Two languages, one recipe – Két nyelv, egy recept

My mother tongue is Hungarian. I owe a lot to Hungarian people who gave me a helping hand when my family had to start a new journey, not for the first time in our lives. I had to learn how to cook gluten-free, lactose-free and then, because of allergies, all-kinds-of-things-free. I made many friends and…Continue reading »

Gluten and lactose free rice pudding pie

I don’t make it very often, although my husband loves it. He has a sweet tooth, so anything made with sugar is good. 😋 Luckily it’s easy to make it gluten and lactose free. In Hungary it’s served as a main dish, here in Belgium it’s more like a cake stuffed in buttered pastry. Ingredients…Continue reading »

gluten and lactose-free cheese waffels

Cheese waffles, gluten and lactose-free

The other day I went to the shop, and I asked my son what to bring? “Some kind of chips,” he said. There isn’t much choice in gluten and lactose free section. A few brands of plain and peppered and that’s it. I grumbled to myself. Then at home when I was unpacking and putting…Continue reading »

The simple secret of cooking rice

There were many foreign students at the university where I worked and my husband studied. I learned some tricks from them. A Cuban couple, for example, taught me how to prepare rice so that it’s nice and perky and not a sticky dumpling. They had to figure out how to do it because the whole…Continue reading »


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