Gluten and lactose free apple soup with meringue

Fruit soup. In Hungary, soup is made from almost any fruit. May it be hot or cold. In Belgium, when guests came to visit us, they looked at us in amazement: “What is this before the main course”? “Soup,” we said. They had never had anything like it before. It was the same with our…Continue reading »

Gluten-free sponge cake

I’d like to make it clear beforehand that I’m not a pastry chef, so I am only sharing my own experience. 😊 Many people say they can’t bake a sponge cake. The oven is not right, the dough overbakes, it stays raw in the middle, it collapses, and so on. I was that person for…Continue reading »

Gluten and lactose free potato cream soup

16 years ago, when we moved to Belgium, we found it strange that there was practically no soup like we had in Hungary. Over time we got used to their soups. I think I have learned to make it over the years. Although it couldn’t be simpler: they cook the vegetables, blend them, salt and…Continue reading »

Gluten-free homemade grated pasta

I learned a lot from my grandmother. 💗 3 years ago I thought that I have to throw all that knowledge away, as we had to reform our whole lives because of celiac disease, lactose intolerance and allergies. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. 😊 I’ve had many helpers to learn from over the years, I’ve spent…Continue reading »

Summer holidays will soon be over!

We’ve been out and about 🚗, experimenting a lot, doing new things. Coming soon with naturally gluten and lactose free goodies. Look at, my daughter’s birthday cake! 💖🎂🍰 I baked a plum pie using my own plums and apple strudel too. 🙂 Soups were also on the menu, like the ham and chicory soup. 🍲Until…Continue reading »

Gluten and lactose free tarragon chicken ragout soup

Hungarian cuisine is famous for its spices and tasty dishes.From old documents and artefacts we know that many spices used today were also used by the ancient Hungarians. Their best dishes were made in a single pot and were always soupy, succulent dishes. There are many rich soups that can also be used as a…Continue reading »

Gluten-free Hungarian stuffed peppers

Stuffed peppers are an indispensable part of Hungarian cuisine. Many of us would like to believe that we have been preparing it for hundreds of years, depending on the region, and putting it on the table for the family’s enjoyment. We are wrong: this Hungarian dish, which is considered traditional, is of Serbian/Aryan origin according…Continue reading »

Gluten and lactose free pancakes

I never measured the ingredients, I just mixed and baked the pancakes. A dear friend of mine recently found out that she was gluten intolerant. She has a hard time taking the hurdles that she runs into over and over again because of the gluten. She tried to make pancakes because they are so easy….Continue reading »

Gluten and lactose free sponge cake roll

With 4 children, I didn’t always have time to bake cakes for the kids, as much as I wanted to. So I collected recipes of cakes that they really liked and that were quick to make. The sponge cake dough is great to use in a variety of ways, this one was their all time…Continue reading »

Gluten and lactose free cottage cheese pie

Do you have 5 minutes? Well, more like 10, because the oven needs to warm up. 😊 I used cottage cheese, but you can also use ricotta which I think you can get in every country in the world. 😊 Ingredients 500 grams of lactose-free cottage cheese 330 g lactose-free sour cream or vegetable yoghurt…Continue reading »


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