Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free

Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free

Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free5

I was looking through my old recipes today and found one again that I hadn’t yet made gluten-free. That’s a big problem, because it’s delicious, not to mention it’s beautiful. I loved taking pictures and my family loved eating it. 😀🙈 It’s supposed to last a long time, but just watch. 😀


150 grams gluten-free cake flour
60 grams gluten-free natural cocoa powder (not sweetened)
6 grams gluten-free baking powder
200 grams of sugar
1/2 teaspoon gluten-free ginger powder (can be omitted)
pinch of salt
10 g vanilla sugar
60 g lactose-free butter
2 eggs
icing sugar (powder) to taste


I mixed it all together except for the sugar powder at the end of the ingredients. Important that the butter must be cold when cut and mixed into the other ingredients. I kneaded it thoroughly. If you want, you can cut chocolate to large pieces and add them to the dough. I put it in a sealed bag in the fridge for an hour. I put some icing sugar in a bowl.

Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free1

I shaped the dough into walnut-sized balls, rolled them in the icing sugar, and placed them on the baking sheet, spacing them apart, because the cookies tend to grow when they bake. I pressed the middle of each ball a little bit. I preheated the oven to 200 °C and the cookies baked for 15 minutes.

Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free2

Note that it must be cooled in the pan, because when you take it out, the cookie is soft. As it cools, it will harden. As it bakes, it expands and cracks the icing sugar layer, which is why it becomes like a mushroom.

Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free3

Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free4

Puffball cookies, gluten and lactose-free5


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