Stefania slice

Stefania slice

Stefania slice 10

Princess Stefánia Klotild Lujza Hermina Mária Sarolta (1864-1945) was the daughter Palatin Joseph’s youngest daughter – who became the Queen of Belgium – and was married at a young age to Franz Joseph I’s son, Rudolf.

After Rudolf’s suicide, the dowager heiress fled the Viennese court, began travelling and then married Elemér Lónyay, a landowner, with whom she lived happily in the castle of Elemér Lónyay, who was later made a count by Charles IV.

She was famous for her philanthropy, and it was under her patronage that the National Stefania Association, the predecessor of today’s Hungarian network of nurses, was founded in Budapest. The couple fled to Pannonhalma to escape the Second World War. Stefania died there.

While living in Hungary, she grew to love the country and its cuisine, and even enriched the Hungarian gastronomy. The main dishes she created, such as Stefánia-style slice, roast and risotto, all have in common that they contain boiled eggs in some form.

The Stefánia slice is delicious when warm with any kind of side-dish and when cold with a salad or in a sandwich.


2 servings from my meatball recipe
3 boiled eggs
6 slices of bacon


I mixed the ingredients for the meatballs according to the recipe, while boiling the eggs until hard. I greased a heatproof dish with baking butter.

Stefania slice 1

Stefania slice 2

Stefania slice 3

I divided the meat in three. I flattened half of each portion in the palm of my hand, layered the whole egg on top, and then covered it with the other half of the meat.

Stefania slice 4

Stefania slice 5

I wrapped it with bacon and put the prepared meat in the buttered heatproof dish.

Stefania slice 6

Stefania slice 7

I cooked the meat at 200 °C for 30 minutes, then at a higher heat until the bacon became brown.

Stefania slice 8

Stefania slice 9



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