Cheese waffles, gluten and lactose-free

Cheese waffles, gluten and lactose-free

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy7

The other day I went to the shop, and I asked my son what to bring? “Some kind of chips,” he said. There isn’t much choice in gluten and lactose free section. A few brands of plain and peppered and that’s it. I grumbled to myself. Then at home when I was unpacking and putting stuff on the shelves my glanced at the waffle maker. It was sitting there, gathering dust for a couple of months. I gave it a try when we had bought it, but it didn’t work out for me. But now I thought, I just shouldn’t give up. I searched for my waffle recipes and thought, there will be what will be. I put together a mix using several of my other recipes. My cheese waffle was born, and it turned out that the whole family fell for. It was a big success, so I’m not going to pack away the waffle maker because it will be used more often. 😊

I also made a sweet version – there is a saying in my home country: if you’re going to have a goose then you can as well make it fat. 😀 I’ll post the recipe soon because that was delicious too.


350 grams gluten-free bread flour
100 grams lactose-free margarine
100 grams lactose-free grated cheese
1 egg
100 grams lactose-free butter cream
6 grams baking powder
1,5 teaspoon salt


I mixed up the ingredients. This time I used bread flour from Doves Farm (an UK producer) since I usually use it for the ‘pogácsa’, the Hungarian small, unsweetened  round cake. You can try any other kind of gluten-free flour. 😊

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy1

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy2

In the mixing bowl I first added the flour and the cold butter. I processed this with the mixer until smooth, then again with the other ingredients.

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy3

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy4

The consistency of the dough is very good, it’s great to work with, not sticky. I shaped the dough into walnut-sized dumplings and placed one in the middle of the heated oven. I pressed it down well and let it bake for a few minutes until brown. You don’t need to grease the oven separately as it’s in the dough.

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy5

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy6

Out of this batch, about 35-40 pieces were baked. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly, because they were constantly disappearing from the plate. 😋 It’s time consuming, you have to stand next to it, but if you take the time, you can put delicious, tasty crunchy waffles in front of your child instead of chips. And you will know exactly what’s in them. Maybe next time I’ll spice it up with some spices, I think it’ll be delicious like that too. Give it a try. 😉

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy7

Gluten and lactose-free cheese crispy8


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