Gluten and lactose free pancakes

Gluten and lactose free pancakes


I never measured the ingredients, I just mixed and baked the pancakes. A dear friend of mine recently found out that she was gluten intolerant. She has a hard time taking the hurdles that she runs into over and over again because of the gluten. She tried to make pancakes because they are so easy. Either they fell apart and failed to cook, or they were thick and dry and inedible. So now, for her sake, I measured out all the ingredients. 💗 I can tell you that it has almost the same consistency as the old gluten-free version. 

Ingredients for 8-10 pancakes

150 grams gluten-free flour (bread flour is fine, but you can also buy gluten-free flour for pancakes)
3 eggs
300 ml milk
20 ml olive oil
100 ml soda water
2 tablespoons of sugar



I put all the ingredients in a bowl and mixed them with a hand blender until lump-free.


I have an electric pancake maker, but of course you can cook pancakes on any oven. I’ve got this one on setting 5, which is not the hottest. I brushed it with a thin layer of olive oil before the first pancake, for the rest it wasn’t necessary. 


I spread the dough evenly on the baking surface as thin as possible. When the dough was no longer shiny, I turned it over. The same applies if you cook it on the stove in a separate pancake pan. It’s very important to keep your pancake cooker fully heated, whatever you use. 


You can fill it with custard, jam, cocoa, cinnamon or any sweet cream.



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