Gluten and laktosfree pastry cream

Gluten and laktosfree pastry cream

Pastry cream10

A thousand and one years ago, before I had celiac disease, I used to bake cream cakes. I hadn’t realized, but when emptying the freezer I found two packets of buttered pastry. I don’t know how I got the idea of making custard, it was just natural. When the kids will see it, this will be a favorite for the next few months again, just like it used to be.


2 packets Schar puff pastry
5 egg whites
100 g sugar
500 ml lactosefree milk
75 g gluten and lactose free vanilla pudding powder
1 packet vanilla sugar


I cut one of the dough into equal squares, this was going to be the top of the cake. I put the dough in the oven at 180 degrees. 25 minutes to bake, while the cream is cooking. I put the whites of the eggs into the machine with two spoonful of sugar to beat until it became hard and stiff peaks formed. I whisked the custard powder with the sugar and milk until thick. I set the whisk to the lowest setting and added the hot custard a tablespoon at a time. I got a nice smooth cream. You don’t have to mix it much, just enough to blend it together.

Pastry cream11

Pastry cream2

Pastry cream1

Pastry cream3

I took the doughs out of the oven and put them on a baking tray with removable sides.

Pastry cream4

I put the dough that was in one piece at the bottom of the pan. I spread the still hot cream on top. I put the other pastry, cut into squares, on top.

Pastry cream5

Pastry cream6

Pastry cream7

You have to hide it well so the family doesn’t find it until it cools down! 🙈 I failed. My husband found it. It wasn’t perfectly set, but it already held its shape nicely and didn’t run at all. So I gave my permission for my husband to do “quality control”. I used a sharp knife to cut it according to the top layer, so the top and bottom pastry were the same. I sprinkled the top with icing sugar and finally served it. ❤😋

Pastry cream8

Pastry cream9

Pastry cream10


Glutenfree buns

Glutenfree buns

Gluten-free buns1

I like ready-made flour mixes. They’re safe to use if you run out of bread or rolls. This time I used the flour mix shown in the picture. I heartily recommend to try it. 😋

I’m not going to write a recipe because I followed the recipe on the bag exactly.

Gluten-free buns3

It’s delicious, it doesn’t crumble even the next day. It’s just like the gluten buns used to be. I just wanted to show you. 😊

Gluten-free buns2

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free leavened dough

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free leavened dough

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta

Long ago, before celiac disease, I used to make delicious pastries from this leavened dough every week. Sometimes I made cocoa rolls (by the way, it is called “cocoa snail” in my mother tongue), sometimes jam filled sweet rolls, sometimes sweet bread or sometimes I filled it with hazelnut cream. It was good with anything. I simply mixed it, let it rise and baked it. If I woke up early, I’d have the deliciously smelling pastry on the weekend table by 8am. Then celiac disease came along and took this recipe with it. I still made it with great enthusiasm. We ate it warm, but it was dense and heavy, not what I wanted. I was sad. I learned a lot in two years, but I always felt that the pastries form leavened dough were not going to be my friends. They were edible, but not the way I wanted them to be. So far. 😊 I’m learning a lot, now in my third year. And now I can say I’ve won, I dare to share this here, because it’s like it used to be. I baked more to see what the consistency would be the next day. I was even mad at my husband in the morning because he ate some late at night and didn’t seal the top of the box. I figured they were well dried out by then. But they weren’t, so my husband got only some grumbling from me. The next morning they were just as soft and delicious as when I baked them. 🙂
So now I heartily recommend it. 🙂


350 ml lactose-free or vegetable milk
25 g gluten-free fresh yeast
70 g soft lactose-free butter
70 g of sugar
2 whole eggs
a little salt
500 g gluten-free bread flour
6 g of psyllium
grated zest of 1 lemon
nutella, chocolate cream, cocoa, hazelnut cream, jam
100 ml lactose-free milk
1 packet vanilla sugar


I measured 100 ml of the milk and 1 tablespoon of the sugar, heated it slightly and stirred the yeast in.

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta2

I put the rest of the ingredients in the mixing bowl.

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta1

I added the yeast preparation and kneaded it thoroughly with the machine. The dough should be soft enough to barely stick to your hands.

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta3

I kneaded it on a kneading board that I sprinkled with rice flour. This also removes the slight stickiness and makes it great for stretching and shaping.

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta4

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta5

I had the feeling that the dough was quite good, so I stuffed it thoroughly, which resulted in little buns that I could barely fold. 😁 So they were not showcase pieces. I restrained myself when preparing the peanut butter rolls. 😊

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta6

I put a bowl of hot water in the oven for 40 minutes using the setting for leavened dough.

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta7

Then I set the oven to 180 degrees and left the pan in the oven. After 20 minutes I checked the bottom of the rolls. If they are a little browned you can take them out. You shouldn’t bake them any longer than that because the dough will dry out. In the meantime I heated the milk adding the vanilla sugar, and when I took out the dough I immediately spread the hot pastry shells with this mixture. I served them sprinkled with sugar powder.

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta

A few days later I made the dough again, this time I baked pastry which is called “ox-eyes” in Hungary. The dough worked perfectly again. I took the last picture to show you how good the dough is. 😊 This time I took it out after it has risen nicely, set the oven to 200 degrees and put it back only when the oven was already at the set degree. In the meantime, I spread a beaten egg on the “ox-eyes”, so they would turn to a nice red colour during baking. It also baked for 20 minutes and then I roasted it for 3 minutes to get a nice red top.

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta9

Easy-to-make gluten and lactose free basic pasta10


Gluten and laktosefree cinnamon apple pancakes

Gluten and laktosefree cinnamon apple pancakes

Cinnamon apple pancakes8

Usually I serve pancakes after a soup. When I make a soup that is more nourishing, then only a couple of pancakes are enough. You can also vary the pancakes with different fillings, but you can also do whad I did, I changed the batter. I have been making these pancakes for many years, to the delight of the family. If you make it, scroll down a few posts to quickly find the pancake recipe. For your convenience here is the link: Gluten-and-lactose-free-pancakes. You can find the rest in the post. 😋


the pancake dough, already prepared
1 apple
2 tablespoons gluten-free flour
3 tablespoons of granulated sugar
3 teaspoons of cinnamon


The apples were washed, cored but not peeled. I grated them on a grater with small holes.

Cinnamon apple pancakes1

I added the apple together with its juice to the pancake batter, and then I added gluten-free flour too because the apple juice would make the batter too thin and it wouldn’t bake.

Cinnamon apple pancakes2

I baked the pancakes as usual.

Cinnamon apple pancakes3

Cinnamon apple pancakes4

Meanwhile I mixed the sugar and cinnamon.

Cinnamon apple pancakes5

I put a generous amount of the cinnamon sugar in the middle of the still hot pancake. I folded up both sides of the pancakes and rolled them up like this. It is because otherwise the sugar melts and runs out of the pancake.

Cinnamon apple pancakes6

Cinnamon apple pancakes7

Cinnamon apple pancakes8