Lactose free cabbage casserole

Lactose free cabbage casserole

Lactose free cabbage casserole15

There is not always time to cook or spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s good to have a recipe that you can prepare in advance and store in the fridge to bake the next day. This dish took me 15 minutes to put together, and then I could do my business while it was baking.


rice for 4 persons
1 small purple onion
1 small Chinese kale
400 g minced meat
salt to taste
pepper to taste
garlic powder to taste
lactose-free sour yoghurt or sour cream to taste


To start, you need three pots. In the first one, put the rice to cook.

Lactose free cabbage casserole1

In the second, sauté the purple onion in butter until translucent.

Lactose free cabbage casserole2

In the third, put water to boil with a teaspoon of salt.

Lactose free cabbage casserole3

I cut off the end of the kale and separated the leaves.

Lactose free cabbage casserole4

After the onion was cooked, I mixed the minced meat with the herbs and cooked it until the meat was white.

Lactose free cabbage casserole5

No need to cook the rice and the meat fully, because they will still be roasting in the oven.

Lactose free cabbage casserole6Lactose free cabbage casserole7

When the water has boiled, I cooked the cabbage leaves for 2-3 minutes, making sure that the thick white part is under the water.

Lactose free cabbage casserole8

I coated a fireproof dish with olive oil.

Lactose free cabbage casserole9

I used the cabbage leaves to line the bottom of the baking dish so that it overhangs the edge of the dish (you’ll need to fold this back over the minced meat at the end).

Lactose free cabbage casserole10

I spread the rice evenly on top, then came the minced meat.

Lactose free cabbage casserole11Lactose free cabbage casserole12

I folded the rest of the cabbage over the minced meat. I spread the top generously with sour cream. I baked it in a preheated oven at 210 degrees for 30 minutes, at the end I baked it on a higher heat for 5 minutes to brown the sour cream and the cabbage on top.

Lactose free cabbage casserole13Lactose free cabbage casserole14

It’s best when hot, when you take it out of the oven.😋 But then it’s hard to serve it nicely, because it tends to fall apart when you put it on the plate. If possible, wait 15 minutes before cutting it. You can also serve it with lactose-free sour yoghurt or sour cream on the plate.

Lactose free cabbage casserole15Lactose free cabbage casserole16Lactose free cabbage casserole17


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