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Chicken breast with gluten and lactose free brown sauce

I couldn’t think of a better name than that. 😀 🙈I’ve been making it every couple of weeks for months at the request of my little family. I have no idea where the inspiration came from, it just did. Since several people asked for the recipe, I finally measured everything out today. Since I didn’t…Continue reading »

Gluten and lactosefree stuffed turkey breast

I was able to buy a nice thinly sliced turkey breast. I’ve never thought of stuffing it like that before, but it turned out to be delicious, and I’ll make it again. 😊😋 With Christmas coming up, I would recommend it to anyone. It takes only a few minutes to prepare the stuffing and fill…Continue reading »

Lactose free cabbage casserole

There is not always time to cook or spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It’s good to have a recipe that you can prepare in advance and store in the fridge to bake the next day. This dish took me 15 minutes to put together, and then I could do my business while…Continue reading »

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