Gluten-free homemade grated pasta

Gluten-free homemade grated pasta

homemade pasta9

I learned a lot from my grandmother. 💗 3 years ago I thought that I have to throw all that knowledge away, as we had to reform our whole lives because of celiac disease, lactose intolerance and allergies. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. 😊 I’ve had many helpers to learn from over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time reading recipes. And slowly, but surely, I’m getting the hang of how to cook and bake. I think the learning will never end, but that’s the beauty of it. 😊 So, over time I realized that I can still use what I learned from my Mamika. And so it is with this homemade pasta. Today I made pea soup. I remembered how much my Grandma used to cook for us, and how much we loved doing it. Of course she always made the pasta herself. 🥰 I made this gluten free pasta with rice flour and a little starch.


1 whole egg
1 tablespoon starch
rice flour


I mixed the eggs with rice flour and starch. I used tapioca starch this time, but other kinds are also good. The reason I didn’t write the amount of rice flour is because it mostly depends on the size of the egg you use.

homemade pasta1

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The dough should not be soft, but not too hard either! I know it’s not easy, unfortunately I can’t even show you what the density of the dough looks like. But it should be such that when you press your finger into it, it will leave a mark in the raw dough. I mixed it thoroughly, covered it with a tea towel for a few minutes.

homemade pasta2homemade pasta3

I prepared the grater, this is the type I used:

homemade pasta5

After a few minutes I kneaded the dough again. At this point you can add flour now if you need to. I put flour in a bowl and dipped the dough into it, which I then rolled into a handful. You should not press it into the grater, just pull gently on it, dipping it very thickly into the flour again.

homemade pasta6

While grating, you should stop several times to flour the already grated dough, because it will easily stick together. Flour it, take it between two palms and loosen it in a soft circular motion to separate the larger and smaller pieces.

homemade pasta7

This time I cooked it directly in the soup. I set it to boil, dropped the pasta into it. When it came up to the top of the soup it was ready with the delicious fresh pasta.

homemade pasta8

Half of the dough is left. I dry it on a kitchen towel in the open air. Care must be taken to dry the grains completely, because if they don’t dry out, they can easily mold. I store them in a closed box until use. 

homemade pasta9